Off Season Stone Grinding 2017

Up until the end of October, I will grind skis with the grind of your choice and saturate the bases.

Cost: $60 per pair of skis (10 or more pairs of skis sent in one package), $70 per pair of skis (5 to 9 pairs of skis), $80 per pair of skis (1 to 4 pairs of skis).

I highly recommend that the bases of the skis be hardened after stone grinding. I will harden the bases of the skis for $15 per pair until the end of October.

If you would like to send me skis, send me an email with your name, complete address, phone number, and number of skis and packages. I will then send you the shipping labels(s) as an email attachment that can be printed off and attached to the skis. The skis will then be picked up and returned to the front/back door of your house. The cost of shipping anywhere in Canada including the 2 territories, both sending and receiving, will be $10 per pair of skis (at least 10 pairs in one package).

For more information regarding Stone Grinding, in particular the advantages and procedures, send me an email or consult our website:

Have a good summer.


Created by Steffan Lloyd