Grinding Schedules for the Eastern’s and the Gatineau Loppet

Eastern’s Jan. 30 to Feb. 1

We will have a booth at the Eastern’s in the Stadium area. Skis that we receive by Tuesday evening( Jan.27)at the latest, will be ready by 5 pm Thursday ( Jan. 29 ). On Thursday, if previously arranged, I can be at the race site to pick up skis. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if needed, we will grind skis that will be available for the following morning. Someone will be on site each morning well before the start of the races and will bring the skis that have been ground. During the races, no one will be at the booth. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, about an hour before the finish of the last race of the day, someone will be at the booth to collect skis. Skis that we collect on Sunday will be ground in conjunction with other skis the following week. If you prefer, you can bring us your skis directly to our work place. ( 4 minute drive from the visitor center in Old Chelsea ) If you are planning on having skis ground for or during this event, please contact us beforehand.

For skis that are ground in conjunction with this event, the cost will be $60. per pair of skis.

Gatineau Loppet Feb. 14 & 15,

We will be grinding skis for both the classic and skate races. We will grind and do race day waxing for the skate races. If there is need, we are prepared to grind skis on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday ( Feb. 11 - 14 ). On Friday, Feb.14, I will be in the gym from 5pm to 8pm to collect skis to be ground. On Saturday morning, I will be in the gym from 7:30 am to 9 am to collect skis. If you prefer, you can bring us your skis to our work site as late as noon on Saturday ( 8 minute drive further up highway # 5 ).

For classic skis and skate skis, the cost for the grind, hotbox and hardening of the base will be $90. For skate skis, the cost for the grind, hotbox, hardening of the base and race day waxing including a high fluor top coat will be $160.

If you are going to send or bring us skis, please contact us beforehand.

Stone Grinding Schedule for January and February, 2015

Skis that we have received at the latest by Tuesday evening, will be ground, waxed and ready for pick up by 5 pm Thursday of the same week. If possible, it will help if we can receive the skis on Monday.



Created by Steffan Lloyd