Stone Grinding for Winter of 2014/15

Commencing the week of Oct. 27 – 31, we will grind skis on a weekly basis.

Skiers have a few options as to how to go about getting your skis to us for grinding. Skiers who belong to a club or individuals who get together as a group can bring or send us a batch of skis. In the Menu bar, under the heading ‘Club/Group Pricing’, there is information about pricing for group batches of skis.

Individuals may send or bring us skis to our location in Old Chelsea. If you find it more convenient, you may drop off your skis at any one of the 10 drop off locations in Canada. These locations are listed under the heading ‘Drop Off Locations’ in the Menu Bar. In the Ottawa/Chelsea/Wakefield area, people who want to drop off their skis at a retail store can do so at Eurosports, Fresh Air Experience or The Cyclery in Ottawa, or at Expéditions Radisson in Wakefield.

Created by Steffan Lloyd