The special glue that is used on the Montana skins that GNS uses is very sticky. It is difficult to remove the skins unless you use heat. In practicing installing and removing skins, I found that I needed to use a small screw driver and a heat gun to be able to lift the front edge of the skin.  Even then, the skin does not come off easily. In the process of removing skins, the material becomes stretched and most of the glue remains on the base of the ski.  As a result, the Montana skins with special glue are not re-usable. 

The procedure for removing skin varies somewhat for each skin ski manufacturer.  For those people who want to remove and install new skins on their skis, you have the option of doing it yourself or having the local store do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, I suggest that you ask the store in which you bought your skis for instructions as to how to remove and install skins.

In a few months from now, I will write an article on how to replace the skins that we have installed on skis. We will charge $30 for new skins (all sizes).  If skins need to be shipped to your location, I will ship the skins to your residence anywhere in Canada for no charge.

When the time comes that we are being requested to remove and install skins, we will charge the standard rate.

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