The skins that we will be using to install on skis are manufactured by Montana, a large, well established company located in Switzerland that makes a variety of products, including stone grinding and climbing skins for skis. Montana has been making climbing skins since its inception in 1939.  In checking the websites for Atomic, Fischer, Madshus, Peltonen, Rossignol and Salomon, these manufacturers all state that the skins that they use on their skin skis consist of mohair, either 100% mohair or a mix of mohair and another material.  Mohair comes from Angora goats found in numerous countries including the United States. Commonly, a goat is sheared twice a year and yields up to 17 pounds of mohair a year. South Africa produces more than 50% of the yearly total production of mohair. 

By having five different widths of skins in total, we will be able to install skins on all classic skis up to and including Back Country 70.  We will be using skins that are 100% mohair and skins that are 65% mohair/35% nylon.  Skins that are 100% mohair provide a bit more grip, whereas skins that have 65% mohair/35%nylon are somewhat faster and bit more durable.  It will be advantageous for competitive minded skiers to have access to skins of two different qualities.



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