When we install skins on skis that are to be used in a track, we start by testing the wax pocket of the skis.   Taking into account the wax pocket and the technical ability of the skier, the skin is positioned in the appropriate place on the base of the ski. To house out the base of the ski, we use a high quality router with a Freud 3/4” router bit.  A ‘jig’ that is clamped down on the base of the ski acts as an accurate guide for the router.  After the base has been removed with the router, the base is well cleaned.   Using our thumbs, we press the skin into place.   With an iron temperature of 120’C, we make 2 passes of the iron the entire length of the ski at a speed similar to that when ironing in a cold, hard glide wax.  The iron does an excellent job of helping the skin adhere to the base and making the surface of the skin smooth and even.

The Montana skins that we use are a little less than 2 mm in depth.  The skins are installed so that 1 mm of the skin is recessed into the base of the ski, which is the thickness of the P-tex.  By removing only P-tex, the integrity of the core of the ski is not compromised. 

Cost    $75



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