Classic Ski Structures

XT1  - A wide range grind that works in a variety of conditions from approximately -10°C to -20°C.

XT2 -  This grind works in a variety of snow conditions from approximately  -5°C to -15°C.

LW3  -  A newly developed grind that will work in temperature and snow conditions around the freezing point.   This grind is recommended for wet snow/klister classic skis and for ‘Zero Skis’.

ZN4  - This is a spring conditions grind.

XT0 -  This would be a good choice if you are  planning on racing in early January in cold, dry snow conditions from approximately -15°C to -20°C.

LW2 -  A new grind that works in a range a little colder than the LW3.


$60       Grind including heatbox                                                                                        

$20        Harden the base with CH4 (highly recommended)                                                

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