For back country skis to be used in rolling terrain, both waxable and waxless(scales) are available.  In hard track conditions, it is advantageous to be able to kick down a ski well.  However, in soft conditions it is commonly more efficient to use a very light kick to allow for the wax pocket of the ski to catch the snow instead of pushing the snow away.  When installing skins on back country skis, GNS will install skins that are wider (45mm, 50mm), 6 to 13cm longer than the length of the traditional 36mm skins and with skins that are 100% mohair.  The skins will be installed with approximately 60% of the skin in front of the balance point. 

In off track/back country skiing in the mountains, there is a strong emphasis and need for the skis to have good grip.  Back Country skis that are used in the mountains use skis can be up to 125mm in width.  Clip-on skins are attached to the skis for the climb up the mountain and removed for the downhill run.  The skins are attached to the ski at the front and back of the ski.  There is glue on the bottom of the skin material which allows the skin to stick to the ski.  The glue used on these skis is not as sticky at the special glue used on the Montana skins.  The skins that are used in the mountains that clip on the skis can be re-used many times.  Skins with Montana special glue cannot be re-used. 



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